Our Story

The Conservatorie's base concept is to manufacturer high quality cosmetics that can be compared to the top cosmetic brands all around the world. We strive to create your brand in the exact why you want it to be created and take no shortcuts.

Our Services

  • Contract Manufacturing

    We provide advanced quality control in an industry where excellence is expected. Measures are applied throughout the manufacturing process from the chemist in our labs to the production line, assuring you the finest products and packaging.

  • Lab Services

    Our Lab services comprise a key element of our business strategy and provide for the timely development and production of a wide variety of cosmetic products.

  • Product Development

    Our lab staff develops and implements appropriate manufacturing procedures and quality control programs for our customers. We also manufactuer products in accordance with proprietary formulas provide by our customers.

FDA Approved

We are FDA approved and have many amazing cosmetic brands already working with us. Give us a call and so your brand will be in the perfect hands.